AIR IDEAL® 3P® Powerful and Simple Air Testing

Ensuring that the healthcare environment is on control and measuring its effectiveness are essential.

AIR IDEAL® 3P® was validated to meet all requirements :

  • High recovery of microorganisms
  • High collection efficiency thanks to the optimized air flow
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Ease of use
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Bring Confidence to Your Environmental Monitoring

Accurate and reliable active air sampling solutions will bring you confidence when making product release decisions, allowing to protect your product and patients.


  • Ergonomic shape and easy to handle
  • Audible and visual signals
  • Long battery life, short charge time


  • Smooth surface, free of dead angles for ease of cleaning
  • Simple, validated air circuit decontamination procedure
  • Disinfectant compatibility
  • Autoclavable sampling grids
  • VHP proof


  • Precise air intake
  • Robust with shockproof ABS plastic
  • Minimal disruption of unidirectional air flow
  • High autonomy, at least 24 consecutive sampling


  • Programmable
  • Rapid set up time, previous airflow program is saved
  • Sequential sampling and volume adjustable up to 2000 L

The AIR IDEAL® 3P® was third party validated by the Health Protection Agency to meet the stringent requirements of ISO 14698-1 and EN 17141 for the control of clean rooms.

  • Validation of the air circuit decontamination efficiency
  • Validated to be used in isolator
  • Biological efficiency
  • Physical efficiency
  • Lightweight (1.2 kg)
  • Flow rate and linear velocity: 100 L/min and 20 m/s
  • 1000 liter samples to be collected
  • Equipped with 90 mm diameter sampling grids
  • AIR IDEAL is highly efficient for collecting particles containing bacterial cells in the range of 2.1 – 14 microns (investigations show that environmental airborne particles containing bacteria have demonstrated a range of particles size from 5 to 15µm). AIR IDEAL has a high level of collection of particles of interest > 5 µm  with an efficiency superior to 100%

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Brochure - AIR IDEAL® 3P®


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