APS ONE: Fully Automated Pourer Stacker 

Culture media pouring system for various plates

Preparation system to enable standardized quality in your homemade culture media plates. Part of the BLUE LINE™.

  • 55 mm, 90 mm & bi-plates
  • High capacity and dispensing rate
  • Top quality: uniform level, homogeneity, sterility, reproducibility and full traceability 
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Quality plate preparation

APS One - automated media dispenser for culture mediaAPS ONE, part of the BLUE LINE™ range of instruments, is an Automated Pourer Stacker for Petri dishes – a culture media plate pouring system that makes it possible to prepare superior homemade culture media plates for high quality test results.

  • Fills media rapidly and accurately in plates
  • Level plate production, even at low volumes
  • Homogeneity, sterility
  • Reduced solidification time and condensation
  • Total traceability of plates and batch
  • Works with most plastic plate brands
  • Use in complement to bioMérieux’s ranges of prepared media and CHROMID® chromogenic media

Advanced technology for excellent workflow

APS One - Automated media dispenser Every detail of the APS ONE instrument has been developed with your lab efficiency in mind. You optimize workflow with complete automation for high throughput.

  • Easy and rapid loading & unloading
    • Carousel can turn in both directions
    • Column by column or 5 columns by 5 columns
  • 560 plates: Fill 10 L of agar without reloading (for 18 ml per plate)
  • Compact size for capacity: just 89 cm tall
  • Large, easy-to-read color pictogram display screen
  • Pump dispensing mode to fill tubes or bottles
  • Easy efficient and secure cleaning: easy access to work surface, special cleaning program

Options to take you further

APS ONE offers a number of optional features so you can adapt your system to suit your lab’s needs. Increase capacity, flexibility and efficiency over time as your lab changes and grows. Optional features include:

  • Bi-plate kit
  • Blood addition online for high volume batches
  • Inkjet printer, with mounting to save bench space
  • Turbo kit to enhance filling rate
  • 55 mm plate filling kit 

BLUE LINE™ advantages

APS ONE is part of the innovative BLUE LINE™ system for automated of homemade culture media production. The flexible system enables you to select the equipment that fits your production requirements, operation style and budget. Prepare your choice of plates, bottles or tubes. Select the level of automation and output that you need, and extend your capabilities with optional accessories. In addition to the APS ONE, the AES BLUE LINE™ for clinical diagnostics includes:

Innovative features patented

APS One - Automatic Media Dispenser with Patented innovative features

  • Patented system for  plate rotation during filling
    • Level plate production, even at low volumes
  • Patented shuttle for individual plate selection
    • Plate open only 4 seconds
    • Compact size for capacity: just 89 cm tall

APS ONE specifications

Capacity: Max. 560 plates 

Plates/hour:  650 (850 with turbo kit option) for 90 mm plates with 18 ml 

Dispensing volume: 1 to 50 ml
Plates cooling system: standard (integrated)
Peristaltic pump: easy loading type
Multilingual graphic screen: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French pre-installed, all other languages can be imported by the user
20 programs can be stored in internal memory
Integrated keypad or USB mouse driven (order mouse separately)
Traceability recordings on USB key (order key separately)
Ethernet port
UV lamp with user protection (Plexiglas cover)
Detection of faulty plates
Pump dispensing mode to fill tubes or flasks…
Connection for external pump (PMi™)
Dimensions: H 890 x W 720 x D 640 mm
Weight: 60 kg (with the carousel)
Size of packages: H 385 x W 808 x D 1795 and H 690 x W 760 x D 760 mm/ 70 kg / 2 boxes
Power: 115-230 V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz


Ordering information

Reference number  

APS ONE delivered with:

  • 560 plate carousel
  • 2 shuttles for plates lids 91-92 mm and 92-93 mm
  • User manual, control certificate and warranty certificate (also available online in technical library)
  • Power connection cable type CE22 / European plug
  • 2 tubing kits for 90 mm plates (AESMN8530)
  • 1 tubing kit for tubes and flasks (AESPM0029)
  • 80 plastic cups (included in AESMN8054)


Kits and options for AESAP1085

Reference number Designation

Turbo kit (850 plates / hour at 18 ml / plate)

AESMN8533 Tubing set for turbo kit
AESMN8508B Bi-plate kit production
AESMN8530 90 mm plate tubing set (w/o priming nozzle)

Kit for high plates (17.5 to 24 mm height)

AESAP1086 APS ONE fitted for 55 mm plates 
AESMN8500 Kit for 55 mm plates (for separate delivery, requires APS ONE adjustment by field Service Engineer)
416711 Mounting kit for inkjet printer Linx CJ400 
AESLM0029 External printer for APS ONE


Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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