Expert consultancy to maximize lab performance

Challenge Yourself. Consult with Us. Transform Together.

Let’s transform your laboratory together to enhance the use of technology, streamline processes and workflow, and make the most of staff skills.

  • Tailored solutions to meet individual lab needs
  • Proven methodologies to maximize quality, support rapid decisions, and increase productivity
  • 10+ years experience as a trusted lab transformation consultant with dual expertise in microbiology and leading business performance methodologies
  • A holistic approach – we work with you to find the big picture, helping you to achieve real and measurable results
  • A unique listening capacity – we truly do care about your challenges
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Envision your most effective lab

What would it take to transform your laboratory for top performance? How can you inspire your team to leverage their best skills in a streamlined lab?

Investing in state-of-the-art instrumentation is a start… but we all know that technology is nothing without the human touch. Challenge yourself to reach for your ultimate lab performance excellence.

Transforming together

What you want, when you want it

Collaborative every step of the way, we bring you customizable services that help you create the balance that makes the most of your lab talent and expertise. To really get to know your lab, we “roll up our sleeves” and work by your side to:

  • Support rapid decisions
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize quality

When we combine your knowledge of your lab and our expert outside perspective, we have the winning formula to enhance use of technology, improve workflow and processes, and make the most of staff skills.

Your committed partner

You can count on bioMérieux Lab Consultancy Team as your trusted partner for tailored solutions to take your lab to the next level. We work with you to match your challenges with maximum-impact improvement areas to help you to :

  • Streamline processes & workflow
  • Optimize resources
  • Build flexibility
  • Increase productivity
  • Foster a collaborative work environment
  • Nurture staff engagement


Our range of services

Our services are specially designed to meet your unique needs. Our customizable portfolio includes:

  • Lab Performance Assessment
  • Lab Design Assessment
  • Continuous Improvement Event
  • Microbiology WASPLab® Diagnosis
  • WASPLab® Discovery Solution
  • Optimized Integration for: WASP®, BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO®, FILMARRAY®,


Our expertise

Partenering to transform your routine challenges into daily performance excellence

Proven methodologies for performance improvement applied into a microbiology context
50+ years as your trusted microbiology partner
Deployed around the world for over 10 years
Success methods: Lean, Kaizen, A3 Thinking, 5S & more
Experienced microbiology team

Lab Performance Assessment

Your roadmap to daily lab efficiency

Do recurring lab challenges slow down your productivity? A Lab Performance Assessment offers a comprehensive view of your current situation – and where you could be.

  • Your experience and our outside expertise combined to help achieve daily performance excellence
  • Together we identify most impactful improvement areas along with creative solutions
  • Walk away with a custom roadmap, complete with KPIs, to guide you through the next steps and to demonstrate real value


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Lab Design Assessment

Creating your very own Lean lab

Your lab faces a unique set of routine challenges – as well as some extraordinary ones. What if you could transform these challenges into daily performance excellence?

A Lab Design Assessment is the launch-pad for your lab design needs over three axes:

People. Process. Technology.

When you implement your plan, you’ll measurably save time and costs and be empowered on ROI You get:

  • A collaborative full assessment of your lab design needs
  • An action-plan for your lab’s very own Lean model
  • Time and cost savings and empowerment on return on investment


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Continuous Improvement Event

High impact teamwork to build lab success

How do you build a shared team commitment and smooth processes for effective lab transformation? The high-impact 5-days Continuous Improvement Event helps your team learn new methodologies to empower them for the effective adoption of new workflows and methods:

  • Establish the goals of transformation – design what it takes to reach them
  • Motivate and empower staff to make lab success a team effort
  • Learn new methodologies for the effective adoption of new workflows and methods
  • Measures pre- and post-event KPI


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Microbiology WASPLab® Diagnosis

Envision your unique WASPLab®

WASPLab® the complete automated solution for specimen processing and reading, will transform your lab – but your WASPLab® needs are unique. How do you best optimize your WASPLab® integration to ensure performance excellence every day?

A Microbiology WASPLab® Diagnosis will identify your optimal WASPLab® needs and help you transform your lab:

  • Determine your goals, analyze your current situation and review your technological capacity needs
  • Provide you with a personalized plan outlining the time and cost savings of your optimal WASPLab®
  • Receive critical information for your go/no-go decision-making


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Optimized Integration


Be empowered for top performance

Integration optimization available for:

  • WASP®: The agile and flexible specimen processing system
  • BACT/ALERT® VIRTUO®: Fully automated blood culture for faster results
  • FILMARRAY®: Fast and easy comprehensive multiplex PCR
  • VITEK® MS: Rapid mass spectrometry identification with comprehensive database

Make the most of automation and get the whole team on board

Adding automated instruments in your lab is supposed to make your life easier. It’s worthwhile to take advantage of seven days of action-learning to ensure smooth integration into your existing workflow and easy adoption of new processes. Plus, you’ll have a clearer sense of what concrete benefits this change will bring and be better set to plan for the future. You will:

  • Help staff design new processes, motivating them to adapt and adopt
  • Customize instillation design
  • Receive a full report including resource optimization, KPIs and long-term planning for future integration


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Change Management

WASP® / WASPLAB® Discovery Solution

Unlock the power of your WASPLab®

WASPLab®, the complete automated solution for specimen processing and reading, is the ultimate way to meet all your lab productivity needs. How can you best help your team to discover its unique benefits that make every day in the lab run smoother?

The WASPLab® Discovery Solution brings you expert change management to support you in your WASPLab® transformation with specialized learning modules:

  • Help your entire team to discover the unique WASPLab® benefits that make every day in the lab run smoother
  • Lab staff share perspectives and expectations, envisioning how WASPLab® will impact their daily work
  • Your team will learn how to best leverage all WASPLab® functionalities
  • Time invested is unique to your specific needs – one week to two months

Modules available

  1. WASPLab® solution: what is it?
  2. Workflow: what’s new?
  3. Streaking: how does WASP® do it?
  4. Plate images: what do they look like?
  5. Virtual screening, segregation & reading: what is it for?
  6. Picking: how does it work?

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Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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