Automated system for improved homemade culture media quality

Access automated, efficient, standardized homemade culture media preparation, brought to you by a world leader in culture media innovations.

  • Media preparation for plates, tubes or bottles
  • Flexible, innovative range to suit different lab needs & evolve with your lab
  • Easy to use & clean, safe, standardized
  • Full traceability
  • Complementary to pre-poured media: for your specific formula or container
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Efficient media preparation: easier, faster, safer, fully traceable

Clinical labs today face pressure to produce rapid and reliable microbial detection and identification results. While pre-plated media provides numerous advantages, most labs prepare homemade media to meet some of their testing needs. Your lab may need to prepare smaller amounts of specialized media, for example, or you may have constraints to accessing some pre-poured media options. Whatever your needs, bioMérieux’s BLUE LINE culture media preparation system offers automated solutions for excellent media performance. Quality preparation leads to quality results.

Advantages of BLUE LINE solution:

  • Faster and easier: 500 plates ready to use in < 2 hours
  • Short cycle of sterilization with Masterclave’s integrated cooling system (around 1 hour)
  • Safer: less handling with secure autoclave
  • Higher quality media:
    • Homogeneity: Media is stirred with a large paddle during the entire cycle, guaranteeing good homogeneity with temperature and supplement added
    • Quality process: Lower cross-contamination risk with total automation and secure filling zone
    • Standardized processes (e.g. no risk of condensation on lids, accurate calibration, accuracy of volumes, even spreading on plates, etc.)
    • Reproducibility & total traceability
  • BLUE LINE is a reliable complement to bioMérieux’s ranges of pre-pour media and CHROMID  chromogenic media

Equipment for preparation of plated media


BLUE LINE™ brings you innovative equipment to prepare high-quality homemade culture media plates. Use MASTERCLAVE® to prepare media in an automated system with magnetic stirrer paddle, ensuring homogeneity, sterility, fertility, reproducibility and safety. Combine with APS One to pour media into plates rapidly and accurately, with level production. You gain improved workflow and time savings – sterilize and dispense 500 plates in less than two hours (sterilization and dispensing time for 9 liters). Alternatively, you can use PMi peristaltic pump to reliably fill plates manually.


​Equipment for media preparation using tubes and bottles

BLUE LINE makes the preparation of high-quality homemade media for tubes, bottles or plates rapid, easy and reliable. PMI can be used to distribute manually in tubes or bottle, or aseptically in the petri plates. It can also be connected to the XY500 (Robotic Module) to automatically fill up to 1900 tubes per hour. The integrated calibration system ensures you automatically dispense the right dose in each tube or bottle,  improving accuracy and reproducibility. It is also compatible with the MASTERCLAVE® to prepare culture media for Petri dishes.


Flexible options for any lab

At bioMérieux, we understand that your lab has unique needs and constraints, and that your needs evolve over time. That’s why BLUE LINE™ is designed so that you can put together the equipment that fits your production requirements, operation style and budget. Prepare your choice of plates, bottles or tubes. Select the level of automation and output that you need, and extend your capabilities with optional accessories. BLUE LINE™ also fits in your lab alongside other bioMérieux products. For example, use our ranges of pre-poured media and CHROMID™ chromogenic media when you are looking for pre-poured options and count on BLUE LINE™ for your homemade media needs. The WASP® automated plate inoculation system can be used for plates from both our pre-poured ranges and homemade media prepared with BLUE LINE™ for quality streaking and superior colony isolation. BLUE LINE™ equipment that can be used for clinical diagnostics applications:



  • Up to 40 programs: simple cycle, 2-step cycle, or special cycle

  • Addition of supplements

  • Media preparation capacity 1 to 9 litres

  • Sterilisation temperature: 95-125 °C

  • Sterilisation duration: 1 to 60 min

  • Dispensing temperature: 25-80 °C

  • Autoclave or water bath volume: 12 litres

  • Accurate temperature control

  • Microprocessor-based regulation, accuracy +/-0.5°C in stabilised phase

  • Heating power: 3000 W

  • Power supply: 230 V+/- 10 V – 50/60 Hz, 16A

  • W x H x D: 500 x 435 x 590 mm / 60 kg

  • 20” x 17” x 23” / 133 lb


Ordering information

  • AESAP1080 Masterclave 09 Culture Media Preparator

  • AESAT2000 Ticket printer for total Traceability

  • AESAT0602 5 rolls for printer

  • AESAP0619 Quick water Connection Kit (2 pcs)

  • AESAP0596 Trolley


  • Capacity: 560 plates - 800 plates (option)

  • Plates/hour: 650 for 90 mm plates with 18 ml

  • Dispensing volume: 1 to 50 ml

  • Plates cooling system: standard (integrated)

  • Peristaltic pump: easy loading type

  • Multilingual graphic screen: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French pre-installed, all other languages can be imported by the user

  • 20 programs can be stored in internal memory

  • Integrated keypad or USB mouse driven (order mouse separately)

  • Traceability recordings on USB key (order key separately)

  • Ethernet port

  • UV lamp with user protection (Plexiglas cover)

  • Detection of faulty plates

  • Pump dispensing mode to fill tubes or flasks…

  • Connection for external pump (PMi)

  • Dimensions: H 890 x W 720 x D 640 mm

  • Weight: 60 kg

  • Packing : H 385 x W 808 x D 1795 and H 690 x W 760 x D 760 mm/ 70 kg / 2 boxes

  • Power: 115-230 V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz


Ordering information

  • 2 tubing kits for 90 mm plates (AESMN8530)

  • 1 tubing kit for tubes and flasks (AESPM0029)

  • 4 priming plastic cups (included in AESMN8054)


PMI High-precision Peristaltic Dispenser

XY500 Robotic Module

  • Dose Volume Range: Min : 1mL ; Max >20L

  • Accuracy: 0.1ml for 9ml (depends on tubing ID 0.2ml for 18ml and flow rate) <2% over the full range

  • Distribution mode: Dose - Multi-dose

  • Adjustable speeds 3 + 1 free selectable

  • Tubing ID mm: 1.6 3.2 4.8 - 6.4 mm

  • Traceability: Dose, media name, user, date, batch

  • Connectivity: Bidirectional (LIMS)

  • Traceability data export: Printer, USB key or FTP server

  • Data format: XML, CSV, JSON

  • Communication: Ethernet, USB, WIFI

  • Program management: Volume, cycle, speed, number of doses delay between each dose

  • Language: Fr, En, De, Sp, It, Po

  • Dimensions (W x H x D mm): 334 x 115 x 120

  • Weight: 4.4kg


Ordering information

  • Peristaltic precision media dispenser PMi 4702831 

    includes 1 tubing set 3.2mm with nozzles and foot switch

Accessories Ref.

  • Tubing set 1.6mm with nozzles (autoclavable) 415230

  • Tubing set 3.2mm with nozzles (autoclavable) 415231

  • Tubing set 4.8mm with nozzles (autoclavable) 415232

  • Tubing set 6.4mm with nozzles (autoclavable) 415233

  • 1 D barcode reader (USB) AESLM0004D

  • 2 D barcode reader 415182 (Datamatrix, QR code and 1 D)

  • USB ticket printer 415187

  • WIFI wireless key 415184
  • Tray dimensions (W x D x H): 710 x 500 x 20mm

  • Positioning repeatability: > 99%

  • Interface for PMi connection: RS232

  • Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 710 x 650 x 450mm

  • Language: English, French

  • Weight: 25kg

  • Power: 115 or 230V (to be specified on 50/60Hz your purchase order)


Ordering information

  • XY500 Robotic module AESAP1035

    includes one adjustable rack for 252 Ø 18 mm tubes, one waste tray and 2 dispensing tips.

  • PMI - XY500 Connection cable 415239

  • Loading stand AESXY0071


Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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