Chromogenic culture media

Innovative and extensive range of chromogenic media for the simultaneous culture and identification of microorganisms in clinical specimens

  • Easy to read with color intensity and specificity
  • Sensitivity and specificity for reliable results
  • Identification in 18-24 hours
  • Save time with less need for confirmation testing
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Patented chromogenic substrates offer rapid, reliable culture & identification


The innovative CHROMID® range of chromogenic media is the easy way to rapidly and reliably detect and identify microorganisms. Specific chromogenic substrates are included in the agar along with peptones and – if needed – antibiotics. The substrate is hydrolyzed when it comes in contact with the bacteria or yeast, resulting in specific coloration for clear identification. Even mixed cultures are more identifiable than with conventional media. The intensity and specificity of the colors of CHROMID® make results clear to see.

  • Easy-to-read results in 18-24 hours
  • Reliably identify pathogens with specific colors
  • Detect mixed culture for better isolation of pathogens
  • Sensitive and specific
  • Cost-effective pre-plated media


Experience leads to quality

As a pioneer in chromogenic technology, bioMérieux’s long experience ensures you get high quality chromogenic media. Our culture of innovation means we regularly bring you new CHROMID® products and services to help meet your constantly-evolving challenges in the microbiology laboratory. For example, healthcare associated infections (HAI) are a serious and growing concern, posing major patient-care and economic challenges for healthcare systems. To help in the fight against HAI, we have developed a range of CHROMID media designed specifically to detect the microorganisms involved in HAI.


Be clear on compatibility with Certificate of Compatibility


A Certificate of Compatibility is available for each CHROMID® chromogenic medium. This validated document clearly shows the medium’s compatibility with complementary product ranges, including ID/AST reagents. Easily ensuring compatibility helps you meet your accreditation requirements and reduces the number of validations you have to perform.

  • Compatibility is clear and easy to ensure
  • Make accreditation easier
  • Certificates of Compatibility available at Resource Center


CHROMID media technical specifications and reference numbers
CHROMID Candida 43631

20 x 90 mm

100 x 90 mm
CHROMID Candida / Sabouraud Gentamicin Chloramphenicol 2 agar 43464 20 biplates x 90 mm
CHROMID C.difficile 43871 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID CPS Elite 418284

20 x 90 mm

100 x 90 mm
CHROMID CPS Elite / Columbia CNA + 5% sheep blood 418 229 20 biplates x 90 mm
CHROMID P.aeruginosa 43462 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID Salmonella Elite 412108 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID S.aureus Elite 419 042 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID Strepto B 43461 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID O157H7 42605 6 x 200 ml
CHROMID Vibrio 43762 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID CARBA 43861 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID OXA-48 414011 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID CARBA SMART 414685 20 biplates x 90 mm

20 x 90 mm

100 x 90 mm
CHROMID MRSA FDA cleared 43841* 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID MRSA /S.aureus 43466

20 x 90 mm

20 x 90 mm
CHROMID ESBL 43481 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID ESBL / CHROMID VRE 43470 20 biplates x 90 mm
CHROMID VRE 43004 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID VRE FDA cleared 43851* 20 x 90 mm
CASA agar AEB520270 20 x 90 mm
CHROMID Colistin R 421170 20 x 90 mm
GRANADA Agar 43712 20 x 90 mm
GRANADA/Columbia CNA Agar 43467 20 x 90 mm
NTM Elite Agar 423144 20 x 90 mm

*US reference

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