CMV Run Control R-GENE®

Internal Quality Control (IQC)

  • ARGENE® ready-to-use independent CMV Internal Quality Control (IQC)
  • Mimics clinical specimen containing CMV
  • Can be used with any CMV PCR assay and any equipment
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CMV Run Control R-GENE® is an independent Internal Quality Control (IQC).

Internal Quality Controls are important tools to ensure the quality and the reliability of laboratory methods and become mandatory for accreditation purpose (NF EN ISO 15189:2012).

CMV Run Control R-GENE® routine use enables to monitor the performance over time of the CMV detection and/or quantification PCR assay in human clinical samples.

CMV Run Control R-GENE® is suitable for use with any CMV PCR assay and any equipment.

Tested as a clinical sample, CMV Run Control R-GENE® helps laboratories to monitor the entire CMV PCR assay procedures, from nucleic acid purification to detection and/or quantification.

CMV Run Control R-GENE® (Ref. 68-015)
Principle Internal Quality Control (IQC).
Has no assigned concentration value but is defined as medium positive in order to fall in the middle of the dynamic range of most molecular assays.
Kit Content 5 x 1 mL
of non-inactivated whole CMV strain (AD169) spiked in pooled human citrated plasma tested negative for HIV, HCV, HBV, Parvovirus B19, CMV and EBV.
Shelf Life 24 months
Number of tests Number of CMV IQC is depending on extraction input volume
Status For in vitro diagnostic use (CE-IVD)
Storage conditions -15°C / -31°C


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