Surface Monitoring: Environmental Control Solutions

Solution for surface monitoring in healthcare facilities

Convenient solutions to limit cross-transmission of microbial organisms on surfaces.

  • Fight antimicrobial resistance and HAI
  • Get standardized testing with COUNT-TACT® product line           
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Surfaces are a major point of transmission for microorganisms, including those involved in healthcare associated infections (HAI). Some of these organisms are increasingly resistant to antimicrobials. That’s why your first line of defense is to prevent infection from spreading.  This will improve patient care, save costs and ensure you are well positioned when it comes to compliance and accreditation. bioMérieux brings you the innovative COUNT-TACT® range of products to ensure you’ve got your surface control needs covered.


Be confident controlling surfaces with COUNT-TACT®

The COUNT-TACT® range has been designed to ensure you achieve regular, standardized surface sampling with ease. Build your own package or use all for a comprehensive solution.

COUNT-TACT® ApplicatorCount-Tact® Applicator

  • Standardize surface sampling (time and pressure point) compliant with ISO 18593


Count-Tact® Plates

  • Sample flat surfaces
  • Standard COUNT-TACT® plates for unprotected areas (e.g. operating and emergency rooms)
  • Triple wrapped ionized COUNT-TACT® plates for protected areas (isolator)


  • Secure the transport & incubation of COUNT-TACT® plates 


  • Effective, even spreading across the entire surface
  • Storage flexibility: storage temperature range of 2°C to 25°C 
  • For sample collection by contact, swabbing or immersion 


Beyond surfaces

In healthcare institutions, environmental monitoring and control includes more than surfaces: your air and water also need to be monitored to ensure a safer environment for patients, as well as to control costs and meet regulatory requirements with confidence. Be sure to learn about bioMérieux’s other Environmental Control Solutions dedicated to air and water monitoring.


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