Automated PCR setup

ESTREAM® offers high-precision automated PCR setup for improved standardization and laboratory workflow.

  • Versatile, compact benchtop instrument
  • Easy to set up deck for multiple assays
  • Compatible with most PCR formats
  • Part of a complete automated solution for molecular workflow

Improve your workflow

PCR setup is a critical task in a laboratory, yet it can be repetitive and a drain on technician time. With the pressures for rapid, quality results that labs face today, continually improving workflow is primordial. The ESTREAM® automated PCR setup is a simple, straightforward solution. The air-based pipetting system enables you to set up multiple quantitative and qualitative assays, and offers a throughput of about 35 minutes for a 96-well Q-PCR plate setup.

  • Reduce hands-on time
  • High-performance, standardized results
  • Set up multiple PCR assays:
    • Fully automates proven quantitative and qualitative ARGENE® Real-Time PCR kits
    • Open to laboratory developed tests
  • Well-designed deck setup
  • Rapid, high-precision pipetting:
    • 200µL single pipetting head
    • Air-based pipetting (no fluidic)
    • Liquid Level Sensing (pressure-based)
    • Multi-dispensing
    • Reliable pipetting performance
  • Improved safety:
    • UV sterilization
    • HEPA-filter
    • Lower risk of repetitive strain for technicians
  • Easy-to-use software:
    • Mirrors deck layout for ease-of-use
    • Design PCR plate row/column
    • Run templates
  • Data transfer ensured throughout the process with bioMérieux’s complete molecular workflow solution:
    • ARGENE® CONNECT software offers full connectivity between LIS, EMAG®, NUCLISENS® easyMAG®, ESTREAM® and most frequently used Real-Time PCR platforms
    • Seamless function with ARGENE® assays workflow

Standardized results

The ESTREAM® instrument enables better reproducibility and standardization.

  • Not technician-dependent
  • Limited risk of contamination
  • Same results, day-to-day
  • Less repeat experiments


The ESTREAM® instrument offers excellent versatility. You can be sure it will integrate easily into your lab, no matter your needs.

  • Validated for use with easyMAG® vessel/cartridge and common eluates storage tubes
  • Compatible with most 96-well plate PCR formats as well as Rotor-Gene® (Qiagen) consumables for output
  • Works with different Real-Time PCR assays

Key part of ARGENE® SOLUTION : complete solution for transplant testing needs

The ESTREAM® instrument is part of ARGENE® SOLUTION designed for transplant testing needs with the use of ARGENE® assays. It takes you from nucleic acid extraction with EMAG® or NUCLISENS® easyMAG® to the most frequently used Real-time PCR thermocyclers, all connected with ARGENE® CONNECT. You get standardized results with full data transfer.

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Please contact your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.




3x EasyTREAM® Reagent Holder;
EasyTREAM® Tip Rack;
3x EasyTREAM® SBS adaptor 32-FLIP (1.5 ml tubes);
3x EasyTREAM® universal Rack-2;
1x EasyTREAM® Waste Hole;
1x EasyTREAM® PCR cooler top;
EasyTREAM® PCR cooler;
EasyTREAM® PCR cooler holder

Filtered Tips

96 racked filtered tips: 50µl, 200 µl provided by bioMérieux

Instrument Footprint
(W x D x H)

Width = 600 mm - Depth = 515 mm - Height = 470 mm


45 Kg


100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 watts

Operating Ambient Humidity

Relative humidity: 20 to 80%

Operating Temperature Range

18  to 25°C

Maximum Altitude Installation

2000 m

Noise Output
in Decibels (dB)

42 dB(A)

Computer (supplied)

Tower PC, Windows 7

Deck Capacity

9x microplates full positions and 3 reagent racks positions

Pipetting head

200 µl single channel head


Single dispense (50µl tips; dry_well transfer): 

  • 5µl from validated  1.5 mL Microtubes
    (Trueness  < 6% ; CV < 6 %)
  • 10μl from 1.5 mL Microtubes (Trueness  < 5% ; CV < 3 %)
  • 10 μl from easyMAG® vessels (Trueness  < 1% ; CV < 3 %)

Single dispense (200µl tips; dry_well transfer):  

  • 180 μl from 1,5 mL Microtubes (Trueness  < 2% ; CV < 1 %)

Multi dispenses (200µl tips; dry_well transfer):  

  • 15 μl from Simport tubes (Trueness  < 1% ; CV < 3 %)

Tip disposal

All used tips ejected externally – no waste accumulation on worktable


Connectivity with ARGENE® CONNECT (data transfer software)

Master mix on board

Up to 3 quantitative ARGENE® assays, Up to 6 qualitative ARGENE® assays, Up to 3 x 8 reagents/control tube positions

Time to Result (minutes)

35 min (depending of the number of master mixes used)

HEPA filter

Preinstalled HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter system
provides positive pressure clean air within the closed hood

UV lamp

Preinstalled UV lamp for workstation sterilization


Please contact your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country.



Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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