Our Clinical Commitment

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Over the past 50 years our entrepreneurial spirit and unrelenting passion has driven our commitment to innovating diagnostics to provide better health worldwide. bioMérieux is world leader in microbiology and a major player in infectious diseases diagnostics through high medical value tests in immunology, and a comprehensive strategy in molecular diagnostics.

As a pioneer in diagnostics, bioMérieux is committed to providing high medical value to clinicians and rising to meet the increasingly complex challenges of hospitals, laboratories and healthcare systems.

Solutions provider

As a recognized solutions provider, we believe that listening to your needs is key if we intend to form a lasting partnership with our customers. Our customer-centric approach teamed with our extensive knowledge and experience means that we see things from a different angle and provide innovative solutions. We have a global vision and through our extensive international presence we can mix this with local specific needs.

Improved Time-to-Result

For laboratories, automation and relevant timely results have become key in the race to be more efficient and in control of healthcare costs. With our Laboratory Efficiency approach, bioMérieux believes in providing flexible, modular automation where it matters most to speed up time-to-result while freeing up staff to do more skill intensive tasks.
For example, WASP® an automated microbiology specimen processing instrument or VITEK® MS an instrument providing microbial identification in minutes not hours are just 2 of our lab automation solutions.

bioMérieux already has a whole range of instruments but is constantly working on new ideas since, as microbiologists ourselves, we fully understand your needs.

High Medical Value

bioMérieux constantly places the patient and their disease at the heart of our development strategy. We have been working with healthcare experts for many years to better understand and create high medical value tests to ensure better clinical decisions and patient management.

For example, the VIDAS® D-Dimer Exclusion™ II  assay supports exclusion of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in outpatients with suspected VTE in just 20 minutes.

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

As a caring company, bioMérieux puts its considerable experience and knowledge in microbiology into helping to fight microbial antibiotic resistance. We are committed to playing an active role in striving to keep the current antibiotic arsenal for future generations.

We follow bacterial resistance trends and try to offer rapid solutions to help healthcare professionals identify new resistant strains.

For example, we were the first company to offer a pre-plated medium to detect NDM-1 strains and currently have the most comprehensive solution to screen and detect Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae.


Performance Management

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, we understand your need for greater cost containment by optimizing lab processes, providing quicker, relevant results and ensuring regulatory compliance. Motivating personnel and maintaining or increasing skills and competencies becomes key in such a context. As a business ourselves we understand those needs and have developed a range of bioMérieux Performance Solutions™  to help you do just that. We intend to build and invest in our service approach.


More to come

These are some of our main areas of focus but we are forward thinking and are working hard on other areas such as biomarkers, theranostics, point-of-care…

About us in brief

As a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (reagents,  instruments, software, services) which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health. Our products are used for diagnosing infectious diseases and providing high medical value results for cancer screening and monitoring and cardiovascular emergencies.
We are present in more than 160 countries through 41 subsidiaries and a large network of distributors.


Pioneering diagnostics