Our Clinical Product History

In 50 years, technology and innovation has pushed forward the field of in vitro diagnostics. Just look at the images and see how far we have come in just a short time! bioMérieux is proud to have played a part in helping you provide ever more relevant and faster results to improve patient management and healthcare. Our partnership approach with customers enables us to see where you need help most and that’s where we work hard to find new products, services or solutions.



The Fibrometer is added to the BD Mérieux catalog, and is quickly adopted by a quarter (approx. 1,000) of Frace’s laboratories



The first toxoplasmosis detection kit (diagnosis of toxoplasmosis by immunofluorescence)
Launch of miniaturized API® strip by 



Production and sale of the first ready-to-use culture media in Petri plates



Launch of the SLIDEX® Meningitis kit (first test enabling the diagnosis of an infectious disease without prior culture, with results in 5 minutes compared to several days previously)



First ATBTM Antibiotic Susceptibility test strip by API®System*



First HIV screening test: VIRONOSTIKA® HIV anti-HTLV-III by Organon Teknika*



Development of chromogenic media (culture media that enables identification of microbial colonies by coloring them). Today the range is called CHROMID®.



Acquisition of the BOOM extraction and NASBA amplification technologies for molecular diagnostics



Launch of the VIDAS® with 8 initial kits (today VIDAS® has close to 100 parameters)



VIDAS® automated immunoassay platform adapted for industrial applications



VIDAS® D-Dimer ExclusionTM is the first test used to rule out the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism to be certified by the FDA



Launch of:
BacT/ALERT® 3D, an advanced automated system for the detection of microbial agents from Organon Teknika*
VITEK® 2, automated bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing system



NUCLISENS® EASYQ® (molecular diagnostics platform for amplification and real-time detection)

NUCLISENS® EASYQ® HIV-1: the first real-time test for measuring HIV-1 viral load



Launch of VITEK® 2 Compact



Launch of PREVI® Isola for the automated inoculation of culture media, and PREVI® Color Gram for automated Gram staining



BACT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T, a microbial detection system used for sterility testing in the biopharmaceutical industry
Launch of Myla® middleware



Inauguration of the laboratory of the future, at Marcy l’Étoile, France (over 1,000 visits from biologists and scientists in a year). Development of a similar unit in Saint Louis, Missouri (USA).
The laboratories enable discussions to align bioMérieux’s future products and services with customer needs
Launch of CE-marked VITEK® MS, used in association with the VITEK®2 system for antibiotic susceptibility testing
First bioNexia® rapid tests commercialized by bioMérieux

Launch of VITEK®MS, a bacterial identification system using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, for industrial applications
Presentation of VIDAS® 3, the new generation of the VIDAS® immunoassay platform
FDA approval of novel molecular test, THxID-BRAF, a companion test for late stage metastatic melanoma tumor samples

HxIDTM-BRAFTHxID-BRAF, a companion diagnostic test for late stage metastatic melinoma tumor samplesmarkers  D VITEK®MS, a bacterial identification system using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, for industrial applications


*Api System was acquired by bioMérieux in 1987; Organon Teknika was acquired by bioMérieux in 2001

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