A secure solution offering remote access, proactive maintenance and remote updates. VILINK® enables to diagnose, solve software and instrument issues, support your systems proactively and keep your systems up-to-date.

VILINK® for on-line optimization of lab ‘uptime’ and immediate updates.

  • Secure connectivity environment
  • Remote access
  • Optimized instrument "up time"
  • Easier software update


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VILINK® is an on-line highly secure connectivity environment that optimizes instrument ‘up time’ to improve laboratory productivity. More rapid resolution of platform issues minimizes the need for labour intensive, off-line back-up testing procedures.


What can VILINK® do for you today?

Currently, VILINK® focuses on offering online assistance, remote update management and proactive maintenance delivered by bioMérieux customer service. The result for you is a rapid and accurate diagnosis allowing quick resolution of instrument issues and software updates.

  • Online assistance
    • Fix issues remotely
    • In case of mandatory on-site intervention: prepare the intervention, prepare spare parts
    • Instead of going on-site for your training, we can manage it remotely
    • Configure alerts on your system
  • Update management
    • Software updates managed without physical support required
    • Software updates installable remotely with customer notification (in compliance with regulatory constraints) under bioMérieux support teams control
    • Immediate access to new software/firmware updates
  • Proactive maintenance
    • bioMérieux can proactively be aware that an issue may occur, and if so, we can take care of this issue before you call our service team. Thanks to VILINK® we are able to support you before an issue occurs





Which systems are connectable to VILINK®?


How secure is VILINK®?

VILINK® is a highly secure solution that optimizes instrument ‘up time’ to improve laboratory productivity. VILINK® is compliant with many core international regulations.

  • All VILINK communication channels are encrypted following the best security standards
  • Accesses given only to authorized users already connected to bioMérieux network
  • To ensure VILINK® compliance with the main regulations on cybersecurity, biomérieux, with support of third parties security experts, performs penetration tests, security risk assessments and regulatory audits (e.g. HIPAA)
  • Video audit trail: all actions performed during a remote session on your system are recorded and stored on your system for one month rolling period

VILINK’s security measures are designed to be integrated in the existing network structure of your company.


VILINK® technical specifications
System access Internet access
Protocols HTTPS
Communication encryption TLS Tunnel (AES 128/256 bits encryption)
Data transmission No incoming connection  on the customer device
VILINK® server access User access control using login and password, accesses authorized only to users connected to the bioMérieux network
Remote connection Customer acknowledgement required & customer control on remote access

VILINK® - Intelligent Instrument Management System

VILINK® for regular instrument updates

Cybersecurity & data privacy

In a general context of data security and data privacy, bioMérieux is regularly consulted by its customers who want to be reassured or simply informed about the management of the data that are collected and processed through instruments and software but also regarding the security of their bioMerieux systems. The video features a cross interview with two experts: Patrick Lethenet, VP System Development Clinical Unit at bioMérieux and Christian Rivierre, VP systems & software engineering at Thales.



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