VITEK MS IVD and VITEK MS Research Use Only software combination

Go beyond routine identification by combining two unique software platforms: VITEK® MS IVD and the VITEK® MS Research Use Only (RUO)

  • VITEK® MS IVD: Clinically relevant species database
  • VITEK® MS RUO: broad research database for microorganisms
  • Single solution for all identification & experimental needs
  • Robust and accurate results
  • Simple & flexible workflow
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Single solution for all identification and experimental needs

Boost your capabilities on the VITEK® MS  mass spectrometry microbial identification system! MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) mass spectrometry technology on the VITEK® MS system offers clear identification at the species, genus and family level in just minutes. VITEK® MS Plus provides a single solution for all identification and experimental needs. It combines both the robustness and accuracy of the VITEK® MS for routine patient (IVD) testing, but also allows you to expand your research capabilities using a broad and open research database in which you can easily record and save spectra to build a personalized database. You can perform research protocols such as strain typing, detection of bacterial toxins and resistance. With only one sample preparation, simply switch between the VITEK® MS IVD and VITEK® MS Research Use Only (RUO) database for maximum data generation from each sample, while still meeting all compliance and IVD regulations.

  • Validated IVD/CE marked system and comprehensive database developed with multiple isolates per species with more than 30,000 spectra of clinically relevant organisms for everyday reliable patient reporting
  • Record and save spectra to build your own customized research database
  • Perform and keep track of additional research

Simple and flexible workflow

VITEK® MS Plus ensures you can obtain a wide variety of test results to meet any requirement easily, quickly and flexibly. A simple click of a desktop icon allows you to switch between the VITEK® MS IVD and VITEK® MS RUO databases for maximum data generation from each sample. At the same time, all compliance and IVD regulations are automatically ensured for the VITEK® MS IVD.

  • Only one sample preparation
  • Simply switch between the VITEK MS IVD and VITEK MS RUO
  • No pre-analytical stages required
  • 4 target slide capacity streamlines workflow

Broad technical specifications and reference numbers

VITEK® MS Technical Data


  • 337 nm nitrogen laser, fixed focus
  • Maximum pulse rate - 50 Hz (50 laser shots per second)
  • Near normal (on-axis) incidence of the laser beam to the sample
  • Laser power and laser aim under software control


  • Linear flight tube of 1.2 m drift length
  • Vacuum maintained by two turbomolecular pumps (nominal 250 l/s) with rotary backing
  • Beam blanking to deflect unwanted high intensity signals e.g. matrix ions


  • Size (w h d) - 0.7 m x 1.92 m x 0.85 m, minimum distance to wall at back is 100 mm
  • Weight - 330 kg excluding data system

Installation Requirements

  • Electrical
    • 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA single phase OR
    • 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA single phase
  • A ‘clean’, stable and continuous mains supply is required for reliable operation
  • Temperature - ambient 18° to 26° C
  • Relative humidity - less than 70% non condensing
  • Vibration free, firm, level floor, at least 330 kg supported at four points

Mass Range

  • 1 to 500 kDa

VITEK® MS Components

The VITEK® MS Prep station is used to prepare the VITEK® MS target slides and VITEK® 2 AST cards. Simple scanning integrates the ID and AST preparation at the bench with complete barcoded traceability. Easy to use software keeps track of which spots have been prepared by the user.

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The VITEK® MS Acquisition Station is directly connected to the VITEK® MS instrument. It displays the instrument status and acquires the sample spectra from the instrument. The spectra are then sent to MYLA® from the acquisition station for analysis.

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MYLA® Server contains the MYLA® software and is a middleware solution. For VITEK® MS, MYLA® is connected to both the VITEK® MS Prep Station and VITEK® MS Acquisition Station providing complete integration and traceability of all individual patient samples and their results. Connectivity to the LIS and other instruments in the laboratory allows all laboratory data to be grouped together and viewed in one place.


Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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