VITEK® MS Reagents/Accessories

Accessories and reagents for VITEK® MS microbial ID system

Ready-to-use and light-stable reagents and accessories for safe, easy use with VITEK® MS microbial identification instrument

  • Reagent kits contain all reagents needed for ID testing
  • No extra reagent preparation time required
  • No need to perform stability studies reagents prepared in house
  • Target slides are barcoded for complete traceability of samples
  • Safe disposal and no time-consuming cleaning
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The VITEK® MS microbial identification system uses innovative MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) mass spectrometry technology to provide reliable, clear identification in just minutes. Maximize efficiency by using quality reagents and accessories made especially for use with it.

Ready-to-use reagents and complete reagent kits

The VITEK® MS comes with ready-to-use, light stable matrix solution (CHCA) to save you time on reagent preparation. Formic Acid (FA) needed for yeast and fungi is already allocated in small vials ready for use on VITEK® MS disposable target slides.

  • Optimize workflow and overall laboratory efficiency
  • No extra reagent preparation needed
  • CHCA matrix and FA are placed directly on the target slide

The VITEK® MS Reagent kits contain reagents and disposables designed for use with the VITEK® MS system.

  • VITEK® MS Blood Culture Kit (RUO):  Used for rapid and reliable identification of microorganisms from a blood stream infection that have the potential to cause sepsis.  This research use only kit reduces the time-to-result by up to 24 hours compared to conventional methods by identifying microorganism directly from a positive blood culture.​​

  •  NEW  Mycobacterium/Nocardia and Mould Reagent Kits

    The VITEK® MS Mycobacterium/ Nocardia and Mould reagent kits contain all reagents necessary for simple inactivation and extraction for identification of these organisms on the VITEK® MS.  A patented mould protocol and patent pending mycobacteria protocol from solid medium allows easy, quick and safe sample preparation.


Disposable target slides

Each VITEK® MS disposable target slide has a unique barcode to ensure clear traceability, flexibility and greater confidence with no manual data entry.

  • No cleaning required: eliminates possible contamination that could lead to erroneous results or safety issues
  • Each slide comes with three sections of 16 (48 samples) enabling the flexibility of small or large sample run sizes
  • Up to 4 target slides (192 samples) can be run on the instrument at one time




VITEK® MS V1 Publications

VITEK® MS V2 Publications

VITEK® MS RUO Publications

Principle of the test:  a Research Use Only (RUO) sample processing method for isolation and identification of microorganisms directly from positive standard and resin-based blood cultures by the VITEK® MS System.


Ordering Information:

Reference Number:  417172

Kit Contents include:

  • VITEK® MS Blood Culture Lysis Buffer   (4 plastic bottles of 25ml of Lysis Buffer)
  • VITEK® MS Blood Culture Washing Buffer  (4 plastic bottles of 100ml of Washing Buffer)
  • Micro-swabs (two bags of  50 swabs Puritan)


Number of tests:  100 tests broken down into aliquots to perform 25 tests.


Storage Conditions:  Before use, store bottles at 15-20C.

Once opened, the kit contents can be kept up to 4 weeks at room temp or at 2-8C

Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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