Automated microbiology specimen processing instrument

WASP® — the Walk Away Specimen Processor — is the only automated instrument that addresses most aspects of microbiology specimen management. Empowered by bioMérieux, you can be sure it meets your unique needs.

  • High standardization and traceability
  • Planting & streaking, plus Gram slide preparation, broth inoculation, and much more
  • Modular system to seamlessly fit your lab and grow with it
  • Flexible: adjusts to your way of working
  • Exclusive bioMérieux services to make the most of your automation

Comprehensive solution

The WASP® (Walk Away Specimen Processor) instrument is the smart solution for truly comprehensive automation – taking you far beyond planting and streaking to address all aspects of pre-analytical automation. WASP® is an open platform that automates protocols for high quality processing regardless of container or specimen type, such as swabs, liquid specimens, urine, or feces.

When you combine the Liquid Based Microbiology (LBM) range with WASP® automation, you ensure even more efficient laboratory workflow, improved quality and decreased turnaround time for microbiology testing.

  • Redeploy skilled staff: high autonomy, requires less user intervention 
  • Cost & time savings: high productivity (24/7 operation possible), fewer consumables and modular options to grow with your needs
  • High standardization and traceability
  • Hepa filter and camera control ensure safety for the specimen and the user
  • Empowered by bioMérieux: complete service package, including lab performance assessment, training & education, and technology integration to boost your flexibility.

Flexibility without limits

WASP® offers a uniquely flexible approach to automated streaking, with versatile protocol options and familiar streaking patterns. While other systems cannot transfer volumes under 10 µl, WASP® uses loops of 1µl, 10µl and 30µl, so you can adapt to various sample sizes. Staff retraining is minimal, since the streaking pattern can be customized to suit you – WASP® performs different classic patterns that reproduce familiar human gestures. Taken together, this means you can use the combination of loop and streaking pattern that best fits with your lab’s internal procedure for specimen handling to optimize your colony isolation quality. Finally, the loops are reusable – automatically sterilized after use – so they’re more ecological and economical.

We adapt to you. You don’t have to adapt to us.

WASP® lets you build your own sample management workstation, customized to your needs. This modular design even grows with you as your needs change, prolonging the life of your investment.






Inoculation of glass slides for Gram stain testing - inoculation, barcoding, barcode reading & reconciliation, fixation Transfer an aliquot of the specimen from a primary vial into an enrichment broth tube and label the tube Automatically place 6 antibiotic paper discs onto plates (up to 4 different dispensers available) Streak simultaneously both sides of bi-plates with a dual loop Allows continuous loading of large screw cap containers
WASP® your own microbiology specimen processing system? WASP® your own microbiology specimen processing system? WASP® your own microbiology specimen processing system? WASP® your own microbiology specimen processing system? WASP® your own microbiology specimen processing system?
Traceable, consistent

and quality slide preparation

Regular spacing of the disks, no risk of contamination Maximized



WASPLab®: Taking your lab to the next level

WASPLab® takes the added value of the WASP® automated instrument to the next level. This integrated lab automation system makes the full cycle of specimen and plate processing faster, easier and more reliable.

Discover more on WASPLab®

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Inoculation/streaking tool

Traditional Reusable Nickel Chrome Loop

Volume for streaking

1µl, 10µl, 30µl

Configurable streaking patterns


Input for media

9 silo carousel (up to 378 plates)

Output for media

Sort out carousel with 4 sorting options

Sample capacity

Continuous loading of pallets

Sample Vortex


Sample Centrifugation


Automatic Gram Slide Inoculation, Barcode Labeling and dry out of the slide


Automatic Broth Inoculation


Automatic Disk Deposit


HEPA Filter


WASP dimensions

790 cm wide x 1930 cm long x 1960 cm high

WASP weight

Approximately 590 kg

GRAM SlidePrep™ dimensions

71 cm wide x 58 cm long x 125 cm high

GRAM SlidePrep™ weight

Approximately 100 kg


Please consult your local bioMérieux representative for product availability in your country

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